Spiky haired guy with a whimsical smile - a mixed media sculpture artwork in progress by Nacim Ruintan-Tehrani.

This spiky hair guy looking up with a whimsical smile is a work in progress. It’s a mixed-media sculpture. The core is aluminum mesh covered with several layers of plaster cloth. The details were added using stone clay. The hair spikes each has an aluminum core strengthened with plaster cloth....

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The professor, original mixed media sculpture by artist Nacim Ruintan-Tehrani, shown on a desk along with a computer and a few other items. There are a few original drawings on the wall behind the desk.

Okay, it’s the second TBT post for today. But I promise, it’s the last one (at least for a week). This little guy standing on the desk is “The Professor”. I created it when I was 17. Feels like ages ago. He’s got white hair, real leather accessories, a pocket...

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My old backpack, original acrylic painting for sale by artist Nacim Ruintan-Tehrani, shown on the wall in a home.

Happy Thanksgiving! I have a couple of “Throwback Thursday” posts for you. I’ll save the rest for later. This is an acrylic painting of my beloved backpack. I had it in my college years. It was stolen once, but I found it thrown in a corner in one of the...

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